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Little Chef allowed to keep Olympic Breakfast, LOCOG rules

LOCOG has said that Little Chef is allowed to retain the name of its Olympic Breakfast, the best-selling item on the menu of the roadside restaurant.

The committee recognised the right of Little Chef to keep using the word ‘Olympic’ in relation to the breakfast because it has been called that since 1994.

Graham Sims, chairman of Little Chef, said: “The Olympic Breakfast has been in place since 1994. Our right to use the Olympic name is recognised and was an easy case for Little Chef to make. The Olympic Breakfast is a brand name in its own right, and our best-selling dish. We’re proud to sell over a million Olympic Breakfasts each year and will continue to dish up this British institution along our roadsides.”

The Olympic breakfast includes two eggs, two rashers of back bacon, British pork sausage, mushrooms, sauté potatoes, griddled tomato, Heinz baked beans and toast or fried bread.