International Tourism Campaigns - who's doing what to market their country this summer?

This week saw an Olympic-ready Heathrow Airport in-fluxed with a record breaking number of travellers. Over 235,000 people passed through the arrivals gate, more than double the norm which, given the UK's recent weather more akin to a monsoon than a British July, is surprising.

The Games have undoubtedly sparked this increase of incoming tourists, but we look at what tourism boards across Britain have been doing to further encourage travellers to visit our fair, if a little damp, Isle, in an effort to ensure we see the projected £32 billion to be generated from their arrival.

The Drum also looks at what other countries have been doing over the past five years to drive tourism to their shores, including some campaigns aimed at those looking to avoid the Olympics before they've even begun.

VISITENGLAND - 'Great' campaign

Budget: £127 million over a four year campaign.Brief: The GREAT campaign is the UK’s biggest ever advertising campaign and aims to attract an extra 4.6 million extra visitors to the UK over the next four years, securing an additional £32 billion in visitor spend over the next decade. Execution: The campaign has seen advertising in the form of billboards, TV, and cinema. The New York Subway, Paris Metro, and 100 taxis across Delhi have all been draped with the Union flag and a series of GREAT British images as part of a huge drive to encourage more international visitors to the UK. There has also been a multi-platform social media campaign, encouraging foreign and national visitors. Target Audience: 90 million people, reaching nine countries worldwide, with adverts appearing in 14 key cities around the world: Beijing, Berlin, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Mumbai, New Delhi, New York, Paris, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto. Around 70 per cent of the population in each of the target cities will see the campaign.

VISITSCOTLAND - Creative Scotland 2012

Budget: Over £13 million - £6.5 million invested in Creative Scotland 2012 and £7million in Discover Scotland.Brief: The Creative Scotland 2012 campaign aims to put Scotland’s creativity in the spotlight through a year of cultural activities, complementing the sporting activity in London. Discover Scotland campaign aims to increase tourism in Scotland by £140 million a year through a campaign supporting a Scottish themed Disney film. Execution: The programme for Creative Scotland 2012 is supported with TV and print advertising, encouraging tourists to experience Scotland as a hub of culture. The campaign also features posters of Scottish stars, such as chef Tom Kitchin, with expressions of their creative inspirations at Scotland’s six main airports, welcoming people to Scotland. VisitScotland are also piggybacking on the success of the Disney film set in Scotland – Brave – in a global advertising blitz on the film launch in 72 countries. The “Discover Scotland” campaign is being cross-promoted with the film with a Brave-themed prime time television campaign being launched in the U.S.Target Audience: Domestic and international, reaching the U.S and Asia as well as China and Japan ahead of the Games.

TOURISM IRELAND - Escape the Madness

Budget: €500,000Brief: To encourage Londoners to visit Ireland during the Olympic Games. Entitled “Escape the Madness”, the campaign is aimed at making Ireland the ideal destination for Londoners looking to avoid the hassle of travelling in the city during the games and to "profit from what is happening in London."Execution: The scheme publicises Ireland as the place to get away from it all with more than 200 large advertisements shown at different Tube stations, targeting commuters during rush hour and highlighting Ireland’s open spaces and lack of congestion. Further campaign support comes from Tourism Ireland’s social media channels. The latest phase has seen Tourism Ireland create a short film featuring a cameo appearance and voice-over by Chris O’Dowd, star of The IT Crowd and Bridesmaids, encouraging visitors to Ireland. Target Audience: Primarily those living in London, but also appeals to those visiting London for the games.

VISITFRANCE - France, come and play

Budget: £600,000, part of a larger 10 year budget. Brief: The “France, come and play” campaign is encouraging those living and visiting London for the Olympics to cross the channel to France. It comes as part of the ten-year multi-million euro “Destination France” campaign, celebrating France as a top travel destination. Execution: The “France, come and play” campaign has been promoted through all social media channels and has been given its own website, The project also employs 23 different campaign images, each of which is paired with an Olympics-themed slogan. These ads have been placed in key hot spots across the city as well as on the tube, trains and buses – appealing to the commuter who might want to escape busy London. However, the campaign came under criticism lately after it was found that images used in the promotional shots were of non-French beaches, including ones in South Africa and Florida. Target Audience: International tourists travelling to England for the Olympics and Londoners wishing to escape the congestion and stress of Olympic London.

Brand USA - Discover America 'Land of Dreams'

Brief: The first ever fully integrated global BRAND USA Budget: $200 million marketing campaign for the USA with the purpose of encouraging travellers from all over the world to visit. The aim of Brand USA is to create millions in spending and tens of thousands of new jobs for Americans in the tourism sector. The campaign was created in partnership with JWT communications agency. Execution: Launched in March 2012 and promoted using a mix of 60, 20 and 15 second worldwide television adverts which feature Rosanne Cash, daughter of Johnny Cash. The campaign also includes digital, mobile, billboard and print advertising along with a strong online presence through country specific Facebook and Twitter pages showcasing targeted promotions. There is also a newly re-launched website acting as visitors' information portal for trip planning.Target Audience: Global. Following a three tier model the first wave of foreign advertising launched 1 May in the United Kingdom, Japan and Canada with a budget of $12.3 million. A second wave will follow in Brazil and South Korea and the third in China, Mexico and the remaining EU states.Over the long term US Travel Association expects to achieve a 20:1 return in visitor spending for every dollar spent on advertising.


Budget: The Canadian Tourism Commission was entrusted with a $48million investment from Canada’s Economic Action Plan organisation to spend over three years of campaign activity. Brief: To engage in an advertising programme within Canada and undertake new activities in the priority international markets of the US, China, India and Brazil. Execution: The 2009/10 'Locals Know' campaign urged Canadians to travel within Canada and “explore the Canada they didn’t know”. There was also a series of US summer campaigns, marketing in American’s key cities such as New York and Chicago. The 'Say Hello to Canada' campaign was launched at the official opening of the Canadian Tourism Commission’s marketing centre in the heart of Beijing, running in leading newspapers and travel and lifestyle magazines such as Shanghai Weekly. A £3 million branch of the campaign also ran in the UK. Additionally, the campaign ran on social media and video-sharing sites, search engines and micro blogs as well as travel, lifestyle, news and culinary websites. The “Laying the Foundations” campaign ran in Brazil and India, laying the grounds for tourist growth and securing partnerships to advance Canada’s brand awareness.Target Audience: Global. Majority of investment was spent in the Locals Know campaign, generating over $150 million in federal tax revenue. The US campaigns generated nearly $82 million. The Prime Minister expects that by 2013 China will be Canada’s third-largest overseas market for travellers, generating an additional $300 million a year in tourism revenues by 2015.

TOURISM AUSTRALIA - 'There's Nothing Like Australia'

Budget: AUS$250 million Brief: A campaign designed to be long-lasting and flexible, and one that could evolve to stay relevant for target consumers in a highly competitive and fast-changing global tourism environment. The brief was to focus on both the domestic and international traveller, and convey the message that Australia is a must-see destination with some of the best tourism experiences. Execution: The 'There’s nothing like Australia' campaign launched with a $4 million commercial featured in broadcast, cinema and digital. The creative employs a unique soundtrack which was tested both pre and post-exposure to ensure it was a good fit for the 16 experiences shown in the TVC. A new interactive tablet app was released as well as new print and digital executions, including interactive and rich media digital advertising banners. Multi-platform social media campaigns, including online video content and short films, were used to reach wider audiences and a new destination content for, the website at the heart of the campaign, was revealed. Tourism Australia also partnered with luxury hotels website Mr&Mrs Smith and TripAdvisor to help tourists plan trips.Since its May 2012 launch the campaign has appeared in 25 countries and has been translated into 17 languages. Target Audience: Global. The campaign was designed for a broad target audience focusing predominantly on leisure travellers who are highly predisposed to visiting Australia.

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