Kempt to unveil crowd-sourced Bar Fight app

Kempt will tomorrow unveil its latest app, Bar Fight Live, with users able to decide development of future updates.

Featuring Stunt Guy character from the Kempt app with the same name, the company will take into account the vote results from the launch version where users are invited to vote for their preferred gameplay option in order to let users control future development.

The game also has a range of in-app purchases which gives users voting rights to exclusive developer content, unlimited play of demo builds and the finished product, as well as being able to name or create a character.

Chris Kempt says: "Users that get involved can vote on which way the app should develop and the crowd-funding approach enables them to make it personal, naming or creating their own characters for Stunt Guy to beat up.

“Crowd-funding may be popular for many types of campaigns. This is different, we are not asking for money to make a product. We are asking people to get involved and create the product with us.

"There's no financial safety net during the build. We've had great feedback so far from many people wanting to get involved. Follow our blog and Twitter feed to see how we are getting on."

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