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Molson Coors set to launch new ad campaign with Jean Claude Van Damm

Molson Coors is unveiling its next set of adverts starring Jean Claude Van Damme, created by VCCP Blue

The 10 and 30 second ads for Coors Light launched on Facebook over the weekend, and will be aired on TV from Friday 13 July.

Airing for nine weeks, the ‘Imprints’ ads, planned by Zenith Optimedia, cost £500,000 to produce and have a £2m ad spend.

Ali Pickering, brand director at Coors Light UK, said: “Coors Light sales have been very strong coming into the traditionally busy summer period in the UK. The strong marketing campaign, in which the Van Damme adverts have played a vital role, has really driven the brand’s growth over the last year. This confirms that now is the ideal time to launch the new instalment of adverts to push sales even further.”