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New Go Compare ad receives 43 complaints for being ‘offensive’

The latest Go Compare ad, in which opera singer Gio Compario is targeted by a bazooka by BBC Sports presenter Sue Barker has come under fire for being aggressive.

Offensive? Sue Barker targets Gio Compario

Despite the fact that the opera singer is seen crawling out the crater at the end of the ad, ready to sing again, the Advertising Standards Authority has received 43 complaints, The Sun has revealed.

The ad, by Dare, was launched at the same time as it was revealed that anti-aircraft missiles have been placed at six sites around London to combat terrorist attacks during the Olympics

The ASA said: “We have received a total of 43 complaints so far. Some people think it offensive especially at a time when children are watching. Others think it inappropriate when our security forces are coming under fire on a daily basis.

“As with all complaints we are looking into the matter before deciding if we launch a full investigation.”

However, the assassination bid has been cheered by some, who think the ad is right to make a joke about how Gio Compario is annoying to most, having won several ‘most irritating ad’ accolades.

Nick Hall, Go Compare’s marketing director, had said of the new ad: "We know a lot of people find the character irritating and this is us saying 'we get it'”.

The new print ads for Go Compare have also come under criticism from the Samaritans, after one suggested that the character jump off a cliff, with complaints that it trivialises suicide.

UPDATED: Go Compare's press office has revealed that it has not been contacted by the ASA regarding the complains. As such, the company cannot comment at the moment.

What do you think? Is the ad too violent, or is it tongue-in-cheek and been taken too seriously?

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