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MacB water branding usurped for independence debate

Macduff based water brand MacB have found themselves becoming inadvertently embroiled in both sides of the argument for Scottish independence after their brand name and tagline were usurped by both pro and anti-independence campaigners.

MacB’s campaign line, ‘Better Together’, which is emblazoned across 2m bottles of water has been made the official slogan of the pro union movement, ironically after Alex Salmond himself usurped the MacB brand name to talk about his own “Plan MacB”.

A MacB spokesperson said: “We're a successful Scottish brand that's growing and doing really well, so it's probably flattering that both sides want to take inspiration from macb's acheivements," said a macb spokesperson.

"We've been working really hard to promote our 'Better Together' campaign, encouraging Scottish people to get involved in running and football, have fun and help improve their health and wellbeing."