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Dr Von Hyde’s Herbal Liqueur promotional material breaches marketing rules, Portman Group finds

Dr Von Hyde’s Herbal Liqueur has been found in breach by the Portman Group for making medical claims in its promotional material.

Cellar Trends made a complaint against the product, saying it believed phrases in the product’s trade promotional material, which included: ‘Things will just feel better’, ‘Medication for the masses’ and ‘Cure for all’, suggested the product could enhance mental and physical capabilities

The Independents Complaints Panel ruled the claims did position the product as a medicine, and thus found it in breach.

Henry Ashworth, Chief Executive of the Portman Group, said: “There is a tough self-regulatory Code in the UK which stops alcohol being marketed on the basis that it can enhance physical or mental capabilities. The Code is not in place to smother creative marketing, but the alcohol industry must abide by the regulations and demonstrate they can market their products responsibility.”