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Infographic: how audiences share and discuss entertainment content

Edelman has found that 89% of the public are likely to take action if they enjoy a piece of entertainment, while 74% will take action if they do not enjoy the entertainment.

The results from its sixth annual “Value & Engagement in the Era of Social Entertainment and Second Screens” survey described ‘action’ as telling a friend or family member, searching for more information or discussing it on social media.

It was found that 67% of UK respondents are “unlikely” to use features on social networks that automatically inform friends about the content the user is consuming.

Edelman also found that more people are likely to comment after they have finished watching or listening to a form of entertainment (34%) compared to before or during (16% for each).

Gail Becker, chair for U.S. Western Region, Canada and Latin America at Edelman, said: “Two things are clear this year. Audiences want complementary experiences on second screens. They do not want to be distracted, which is why they are more likely to comment online after viewing.

“Social networks offer great opportunities to brands, but audiences want to remain in control, and do not want to automatically share what they are viewing.”