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Experian launches AudienceView to provide insights on online trends

Experian has launched a new digital marketing tool, AudienceView, to help brands communicate with consumer groups.

The new tool provides insight on online trends amongst an organisation’s customers by matching them to the Experian Hitwise anonymous online consumer data sample.

Experian believes the tool will help brands build a number of different customer segments, from those looking to buy a certain type of car to the brand’s Facebook friends.

Jon Buss, managing director of digital at Experian Marketing Services in the UK and Ireland, said: “Organisations are always searching for a deeper understanding of their customers to help them create marketing campaigns that build real brand loyalty.

“In today’s multi-channel world, our latest digital proposition will help brands better connect with their customers by blending our online and offline insights to communicate with people on a one-to-one level.”