By The Drum Team | Editorial

May 18, 2012 | 1 min read

This enchanting commercial for Omo (which you may know better as Persil) introduces us to a little girl who is obsessed with all of the planet's creatures. The freedom she wants for every little critter is echoed by the freedom offered to her my her mum... a freedom afforded by her confidence that the advertised detergent can take on all comers.

Agency: DLKW Lowe

Creative Team: Richard Denney / Dave Henderson / Theo Bayani / Miguel Gonzalez

TV Producer: Abigail Tarrant

Film Prod Co: Outsider

Director: Jorn Threlfall

Producer: Tex Travi

Production Manager: Tom Martin

Post-Prod House: MPC

Editor: Nic Lowicz

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