By The Drum Team | Editorial

April 30, 2012 | 1 min read

You may recognise this conceit since every posh instant coffee that's ever been marketed in the UK has tried it at some stage or another. In this version of events, a young man pretends to go out in the rain to fetch coffee from a café for his slumbering girlfriend when he actually used the advertised product.

Agency: Publicis

Creative Team: Ed Robinson / Steve Nicholls TV Producer: Sharon Joyce Film Prod Co: Waspface

Director: Paul Gay

Producer: Tim Nunn

Dir of Photography: Philipp Blaubach

Production Designer: Mark Lavis

Production Manager: Jessica Archer

Post-Prod House: Framestore

Editing House: The Playroom

Editor: Adam Spivey

Nescafe Ad of the Day London

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