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April 26, 2012 | 3 min read

Marks and Spencer’s is to begin its biggest non-product campaign fronted by acress Joanna Lumley as its first global face of the retailer’s eco and ethical plan, entitled Plan A, which aims to make the company the world’s most sustainable retailer by 2015.

Developed by RKCY/Y&R, the ‘Schwopping’ campaign, which will incorporate social media, PR, TV, print, outdoor and digital activity, will promote the plan, will feature Lumley explaining to customer why it’s should shwop and highlighting the number of clothes thrown away each day.

Steve Sharp, executive director of marketing at Marks & Spencer, said: “Not many years ago people would have been incredulous at the idea of routinely recycling bottles and plastic, yet this is now commonplace behaviour. We want to try to achieve that same shift of behaviour with our Shwopping campaign and make recycling clothes a habit. To achieve it we are harnessing the power of social media combined with impactful traditional media routes to create a ground-breaking campaign which will reach a huge cross section of people and which we really hope will change customer behaviour for good.”

Each piece of advertising will carry a t-shirt shaped QR code, linking through to YouTube and a Facebook logo to link to the Marks and Spencer’s Facebook page, where the retailer has created a timeline app to allow Schwoppers to share their experiences and compete for badges and prizes.

The app, designed by Betapond, allows each consumer to participate across multiple touchpoints, including instore, SMS, Smartphone and web, with each Schwop generating points, which add up through the app.

A takeover of the YouTube masthead is planned for today (Thursday 26 April), with the TV and online advert, while videos will be seeded across the internets, and Adjust Your Set has created all content for the multichannel offer, including an over-arching manifesto film, which will run on TV, online and through social channels.

PR has included the creation of a Schwopping street and a Shwop Lab, created by Unity PR, which saw the creation of a street of clothing created highlighting the amount of clothing going into landfill rather than being recycled.

Media planning and buying, from Walker Media, will include digital escalator panel usage on the London Underground, as well as shopping mall 6 sheets targeting shoppers near M&S stores, while Profero has bought online digital media to support the campaign and drive traffic to the Facebook page.

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