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Editor's picks: My top 10 Chip Shop Awards ads

By Gordon Young | Editor



April 25, 2012 | 5 min read

As we gear up for the Chip Shop Awards nominations being announced tomorrow, here are 10 ads I really liked from this year's entries.

Now before those featured get too excited, I should point out that I was not on the jury this year - so your selection for my list does not necessarily mean you have been selected for an award by them.

But the work I have chosen really sums up the essence of the Chip Shop Awards. At their core is a big idea - which would not require a big budget to execute.

And in my view they would all actually work in the real world. They are challenging, and some time push the boundaries of taste. But I suspect audience would want to talk about them, and would be keen to share their discovery with friends.

In other words they would all successfully seed social media activity. In a world where word of mouth is back in vogue, this work would give people something to talk about.

Slow Food

I love the simplicity of this idea - which is really set off by some decent craft. I could imagine this mini-mobile ad, capturing some major headlines in the local press.Entered into Best Advert Applied to a Mobile Medium by Big Communications for Bistro Pierre. Credited individuals: Josh Pearce and Charlotte Robinson

Free Snowman

Ikea goes KISS - keep it simple stupid. Easy to execute, reflects a certain brand personality and would be the subject of an avalanche of Twitpics and Facebook likes.Entered into Best Outdoor Advert by Steve Lownes (Freelance) for Ikea


Love this because Ladbrokes would hate it. Again, a really simple idea and that sad, down at heel shop is a good metaphor for gambling addiction. Should serve as a warning to Ladbrokes to strip out all branding, when they close a branch. Somebody will do this for real.Entered into Best Ambient Media by Big Communications for brand Credited individual Rachel Penn

Glass Box

Brilliant. Frankly they should do this. Would be smashing on YouTube!Entered into Best Ambient Media by Matt & Dave @akacreatives for brand Windolene

The Green Shoots of Recovery

Another really nice idea, that would be easy to execute. Tonnes of potential sites in my home town of Glasgow.Entered into Best Ambient Media by by woolley pau gyro for brand Regaine. Credited individuals Regina Stroombergen and Sarah Richards.


Offensive. Irreverent. Sacrilegious. That's why I love it, though can see that they might be reluctant to do it for real. Entered into Best Consumer Ad or Campaign by OHWA for brand Vanish

Scared teddy

Nice idea - that efficiently sums up the proposition. Entered into best business to business advert by iris for brand Parcelforce. Credited individuals Deon Sensky and Jez Cripps

Credit Crunchie

Occasionally you come across an idea and think - these guys should do this. Well this is a great example. A utility Crunchie - they could even claim that it was part of a CSR move to fight obesity.Entered by iris into Invent Your own Category (Best New Product Idea) for brand Crunchie. Credited individuals Ant Melder and Adam Evans

The Love Lane

Some brands popped up in the Chip Shop Awards again and again. And were one. But out of all the entries which featured the dating site this one stood out for me, because - well - it doesn't really stand out. Its the sort of work, which has to be discovered. And when it is, will then be shared.Created by Helen Parry and Thirza Prentice from the School of Communication Arts for brand

The Slim Tin

Another idea that reinforces a brand proposition without necessarily requiring them to fatten up their budgets. Refreshing as far as I was concerned. They could give away a Credit Crunchie as part of their promotion. Entered by Saatchi & Saatchi x into Best Packaging Design/Point of Sale for Diet Coke. Credited individuals Adrien Raphoz and Grant CodronWell there you are, 10 of my best. However, it is fair to say my list could have been substantially longer. There is some great work in this year's show - the finest, freshest ideas you are likely to see anywhere.In fact I challenge anybody who goes through our nominations not to agree that 2012 has been a vintage year. This year's finalists will be announced at 3pm tomorrow at


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