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Kellogg’s unveils cereal ‘footbowls’ promotion


By The Drum Team | Editorial

April 18, 2012 | 2 min read

Kellogg’s is today rolling out a promotional campaign for Euro 2012 featuring kid’s cereal bowls.

The promotion allows customers who buy two boxes of selected Kellogg’s cereal to get a bowl, with Tony the Tiger and Coco the Monkey versions available.

Stephen McDermott, Kellogg’s trade sector controller for the symbol and wholesale channel, said: “Euro 2012 is one of the biggest news stories of the year, and we know that once the nation starts gearing itself up for the summer’s celebrations, shoppers will look to brands with football links and retailers can really capitalise on this.

“People are much less likely to leave a store empty handed if they can get something in return. This promotion therefore presents a great sales opportunity, especially for convenience and independent owners, as they will be ahead of the game as they receive the bowls first, and I encourage them to take advantage of this.

“The stands themselves will also help to create a sense of theatre in the cereal aisles which will ultimately drive footfall into your store and incremental sales for the category.

“These kinds of promotions especially engage with mums who enjoy seeing their kid’s getting pleasure out of something which is free, and adds real value to the brand and the overall shopper experience.”

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