By John Glenday | Reporter

April 11, 2012 | 2 min read

WPP boss Sir Martin Sorrell, has shown his feminine side on The Valley Girl, a US chat show by getting comfortable on a giant pink tiger print stiletto and donning a pink bow tie.

The unconventional attire was demanded by his hostess, Jesse Draper, whose claim to fame is her fascination with all shades of the colour pink. An idiosyncrasy that, until now, hadn’t been shared by Sorrell.

The appearance had a serious side as well as Sorrell revealed that the reason he set up in business at the age of 40 was the ‘andropause’ or “what women call their menopause”.

Challenged to tie a pink tie in as few seconds as possible Sorrel subsequently knocked himself up a bow tie in an impressive 10 seconds before grinning to the camera at his accomplishment.

As well as updating his wardrobe Sorrell also delved a little into his personal life noting that the Queen hadn’t known who he was when he picked up his Knighthood, Sorrell said: “She's meant to be exceedingly well briefed. But there was a little bit of a disconnect with me. She said 'are you still involved in the business?'

“I was a little bit taken aback by that, so I said 'well, ma'am, I am unless you know something I don't know'."

Sir Martin was then forced to sign out using the hosts trademark phrase, ‘I’m, like, The Valley Girl” by uttering “I’m, like, Sir Sorrell”.