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By The Drum Team | Editorial

April 11, 2012 | 3 min read

German Unilever food brand Du darfst, which literally translates as ‘you may’, has launched an ad with Ogilvy featuring a new slogan: ‘fuck the diet’.

The phrase, used in English while the rest of the ad is in German, aims to promote the fact that people can eat the range and not have to worry about calories.

Nicole Roesner, brand manager at Unilever’s Du darfst, said: "Enjoy life and joy of eating. This is the simple formula that Du darfst want to make the lives of women easier.”

The 20 second TV ad has been shown throughout the day, as well as the Facebook page featuring an asterisked-out version of the slogan, which has led to complaints.

The brand explained on their Facebook page in German: “We want to explain why we have deliberately chosen the words "Fuck the Diet".

“We know that the thoughts of many women often revolve around calories and weight - this is not really happy!

“For this, we have chosen consciously a more drastic choice of words to trigger a discussion around the subject of diets. We understand "Fuck the diet" as an emotional expression of a setting, we believe that it is desired to secretly by a lot of women. Of course we spoke in advance with women of all ages about the subject and showed them also our commercial - and received approval.”

Du Darfst's website even encourages people to download a badge bearing the Fuck the Diet slogan.

Unilever supplied this translation for the German TV spot:

"You don't want to count calories? Just let it be.

With Du Darfst you can enjoy food without regret.

Because Du Darfst means "you don't have to."

Just take what you want -- Fuck the diet.

Du Darfst [you may]."

A spokeswoman for Unilever in Germany said the spot "uses language that we do not believe most German consumers find offensive. The term is frequently heard on German TV and radio, and is used in newspapers and magazines. In the context of 'let it be' it is not censored or seen as inappropriate by most German consumers."

What do you think of the slogan? Can you think of any other weird and wonderful slogans from anywhere in the world?

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