By Noel Young, Correspondent

March 30, 2012 | 2 min read

There's no doubt the most talked-about ad from the Super Bowl was Clint Eastwood's "Half-time in America," even though the advertiser Chrysler barely got a mention .

Now the agency, the much-acclaimed Wieden and Kennedy, have produced four follow-up ads to be rolled out this weekend.

The spots will go out during sporting events, including the men's basketball semifinals , says AdAge, on the American Country Music Awards and on "Mad Men".

So here's your preview! As Chrysler puts it, "This is the second half."

The new spots, each aimed at a different brand, are hyper-emotional carrying the same "hope and encouragement" message that Clint delivered first time round. Not much about nuts and bolts or MPG here. The cars scarcely get a look-in!

Chrysler/Fiat's CMO Olivier Fran├žois says: "As you watch, you will see familiar scenes from the Super Bowl spot that weave their way in each of these commercials; all of which were scripted and filmed at the same time.

"Each spot was inspired by stories we've heard from people across the country, showing the things they are doing every day to move forward and win their own second half. They are intended to be stories of hope and encouragement."

The ads feature the Chrysler, Jeep, Ram Truck and Dodge brands. The Eastwood commercial has drawn 11 million visitors on YouTube.

Early comments on the new ads were very positive:

"Best truck ad I've ever seen in my life. I drive an '88 F-250 and have more ad biz experience than my truck has miles. The "dinner is waiting at home" bit will work to sell trucks to real people who use them to get work done."

"Right now, Americans wipe the tears in their eyes and go to a German or Japanese dealership to buy the cars they really like... particularly in the Bay Area."

"Trust me, if it is emotional and memorable, it sells LOTS of trucks! Great work once again from W&K."

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