Fonmon Castle to unveil new brand identity with Goosebumps


By The Drum Team | Editorial

March 29, 2012 | 3 min read

Fonmon Castle in Wales will unveil a new visual identity for its relaunch, created by branding agency Goosebumps

The new identity is inspired by an heirloom from Boothby, the family which owns the castle: a bound book of a poem called 'The Bat's Hum', written by the Reverend Charles Boothby in 1828 and illustrated with a set of pen and ink butterfly drawings by his wife Marianne.

Ben Kingsmill, managing partner at Goosebumps, said: “We pride ourselves on the work we do re-envisioning the UK’s hotel and catering industry and to be able to extend this to heritage properties is a natural next step for us. With Fonmon the key was to find a way to retain the rich family history and grace within its heritage, and weave that into its new identity.

We were taken by the love story between Reverend Charles and his wife, that led to the creation of a work of art, that in his words “…. is unique, and no other couple in Europe could, without piracy, produce another like it.” We wove that piece of history throughout the equally unique new branding for the castle. Behind each design there is a story to be told.”

Sir Brooke Boothby, current owner of the castle, said: “We are delighted with the work Goosebumps are doing to help us refresh all the marketing and promotional materials for Fonmon Castle. This new identity is absolutely key as it will eventually flow through to our brochures, the castle guidebook, advertising copy, letterheads and the website. The castle’s current usage has built up organically over time and the business challenge was to have a coherent image that serves our different business streams, as well as one that will stand the test of time during future expansion and development.

“Goosebumps quickly grasped the need to find a contemporary identity without abandoning the heritage and tradition of the castle and our family history. They cleverly took as their starting point the Jones armorial shield – created by the College of Arms in 1654 for my first ancestor to occupy Fonmon. The design department worked through a number of variations and eventually landed on a simplified development of the crest that retains the key elements of the coat of arms but which would suit a digital world. Aliki and I are delighted with this - a fine “tweak” after a mere 358 years.”

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