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Future stars to be rewarded at tomorrow's Roses Student Awards


By The Drum Team, Editorial

March 14, 2012 | 4 min read

The next generation of creative talent will be rewarded at the Roses Student Awards taking place at Salford's Islington Mill tomorrow night.

This year students have been challenged to answer briefs ranging from packaging happiness to reviving the written word. You can see the full list of briefs below and the students' responses at tomorrow's awards night and exhibition.

The briefs have been set by creative directors from the likes of The Leith Agency, Elmwood and BJL - and the successful students will win work experience placements with the agency that set their brief.

The event gets underway at 7pm, so come along and meet the future stars of the industry. To reserve a free ticket visit


Brief 1. Alternative Therapy

Laughter is the best medicine. Package it, design posters, go viral - anything goes. Convince the public and make them smile.

Brief 2. Wot R U Doin?

Revive the power of the written word. Why? Recent surveys indicate that SMS txtn is impacting on young people’s ability to spell correctly and read and write above a 5th grade level :( And get this - in George Orwell’s dystopian fiction “1984”, he foresaw that excessive usage of short words would lead to reduced intellectual and linguistic capacity, damaging both the English language and our inclination to use a range of words to express a feeling.

Fix it.

Brief 3. A Quarter Of.

Create a memorable advertising campaign for the retro sweet shop:

Brief 4. Fourth Time Around

Create a campaign against the remix, the cover-version, the sample, the re-release, the re-recording, the homage, and encourage the appreciation of original music.

Brief 5. Time To Put Something Back

A charity called ‘Fishing with Tom’ rehabilitates heroin addicts and young offenders in Durham by teaching them how to fly-fish.

The founder of the scheme, Tom Carroll, is dedicated to the cause and gets amazing results. However, whilst he has good connections in high places, he still struggles to raise money to maintain the project. Ultimately he would like to roll out the charity nationwide. Your brief is to publicise his work via a great film (featuring Tom himself), highlighting his achievements and future aims. A major target audience are fly-fishing equipment manufacturers. Your work should inspire these brands to dig deep and sponsor Tom’s vital work.

Brief 6. Sprout Clout

Possibly the world’s most hated vegetable?! It’s your brief to make Brussels Sprouts the coolest veg on the planet, so your client can sell sack loads of them all year round and not just at Christmas! Think through the line.

Brief 7. Tree Hugger

Create the branding, naming and launch campaign for a Museum of Trees. This could cover signage, way finding, merchandise, viral campaigns, in any media you feel appropriate.

Brief 8. Ready For Take Off!

Roll up roll up, flying carpet rides for sale! Who needs Branson’s Virgin Galactic, or easy Jet, when the magic flying carpet exists? Brand and promote this classic mode of transport and let’s clean up in the travel/adventure sector.

Brief 9. Bring Home The Gold

In summer 2012, the UK will host the Olympic games at an estimated cost of £7bn to tax payers. At the same time the scale of cuts to public spending and planned changes to housing benefit mean that there is a dramatic rise in the number of people in the UK at risk of homelessness. To highlight these cuts, housing charity Shelter is holding the ‘Homeless Olympics’ alongside the real thing. Create a powerful brand for this event (while avoiding clichés) and implement it to maximum effect.

Brief 10. Can You Create A No.1 Brand?

Create a rival brand to take on the might of a big, established packaging brand. For example, Dorset Cereals versus Kellogg’s. It’s like a David and Goliath situation where your brand is David. To be clear, we don’t want you to re-brand the established brand; we want you to create an entirely new brand that has its own unique personality and takes attention away from the established brand.


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