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March 7, 2012 | 2 min read

Cambridge Weight Plan has begun an integrated marketing campaign targeting men and women which aims to build brand awareness towards those aiming to lose weight.

The campaign, by Blacksheep, will run across national press and will be supported through an online ad campaign through YouTube and the Google Network. Also highlighted will be the ‘MyCambridge’ online food diary, and its new ‘EatEasy’ meals.

Full page adverts featuring real-life customers will be used to emphasise the success of the lan, and will run through out the Spring within the Daily Mail’s and Daily Mirror’s weekend supplements.

Chris McDermott, marketing and communications director for Cambridge Weight Plan, commented: “The market for meal replacement diets is fast paced and highly competitive but, with nearly 30 years’ experience of proven success in weight loss and management, Cambridge Weight Plan offers a strong heritage combined with tailored, flexible eating plans and technology that complement today’s lifestyles. Blacksheep’s campaign features humorous creative that is designed to grab attention, drive people to call or go online to find out more and, ultimately, to deliver new clients. The Elvis ad resulted in a significant uplift in enquiries from men during the last quarter of 2011 so it made sense to continue this well-received theme into 2012.”

Kate Jones, client service director for Blacksheep, added: “Research shows that men and women think differently about weight loss and we have developed the creative for the new Cambridge Weight Plan campaign accordingly. Men respond well to humour; shy away from the word ‘diet’ and want concise information on convenient products that will enable them to see results quickly. Women, on the other hand, are more cynical about weight loss aids, and are motivated by tailor-made programmes, ongoing support and visual evidence of proven effectiveness. The overall message is that the Cambridge Weight Plan is proven to help you to lose weight and keep it off, with new elements such as EatEasy and MyCambridge making the process easier than ever before.”

The campaign began last weekend and will until until around early April.

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