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The Ed asks: Has the SNP sold the pass already?


By Noel Young | Correspondent

February 28, 2012 | 2 min read

Noel Young is a former editor of the Sunday Mail

Alex Salmond: a smart man

I know Alex Salmond is a smart man and I'm sure he reads the papers. So how can he have missed the horror stories of Downing Street's cronyism and police pandering to News International that have been appalling the public for the past year?

Back door entries to No 10. Cosy chats. And yesterday, lending police horses to editors .

Politicians, the press and the police : they all need each other. But, as we have come to realise with a twinge of shock, they don't have to be in each other's pocket. In fact, they mustn't be.

No doubt Salmond was flattered by Rupert Murdoch's tweeted praise of late. And sure it would be good ( for the SNP at least) if the Scottish Sun supported the SNP and maybe even backed the independence campaign .

But that was no excuse for the SNP to leak to the Sun as part of its Sunday launch the possible date for the referendum. What was it again? October 18, 2014.

The Daily Record and the Scotsman are right to be pissed off. And every other Scottish newspaper should let Mr Salmond know how wrong that move was.

Information about the referendum date is of NATIONAL concern. It belongs to all the Scottish people.

As Scots readers were wending their way homeward on Sunday , clutching their 50p Sun, maybe they were "thinking again" … Can we really trust the fate of Scotland to a party that is so easily bought?


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