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Plan UK to release electronic hoarding that can determine gender and deliver tailored message to viewers


By The Drum Team, Editorial

February 20, 2012 | 3 min read

Charity Plan UK will this week release an advertising campaign which will be able to establish the gender of the person reading it and relay a different, relevant message as a result.

The electronic hoarding will feature as part of the ‘Because I Am a Girl’ campaign, which will aim to help provide education to girls in some of the world’ poorest countries.

It has been reported that the advert, which will cost £30,000, will be unveiled at a bus stop on Oxford Street in London on Wednesday, using technology that echoes that featured within the Steven Spielberg science fiction thriller Minority Report in personalising adverts.

In response to the news,Ian Kerrigan, executive creative director for gyro London, commented: “This campaign is all about creating an emotional connection with the right audience. Emotional and personal connections are key to brand engagement, and this can only happen if the right person is being communicated to – in this case, women. But imagine if this technology developed to other personal features – for example, advertising based on hair colour would be a goldmine for the cosmetics industry. This is not a technology to fear – it is to be welcomed, as it will create a more relevant advertising landscaping for everyone.”

Mike Spicer, CEO of Pulse Group, added: “The era of blanket marketing to the general public is over, and technology now allows advertisers to target their audience in a previously unsurpassed way. This will help to drive profits (or funding in this case) in an economic climate where successful marketing to a specific demographic is paramount to success. Advertisers want to spark interest, debate and attention, and this campaign has certainly succeeded in that.”

Tim Hipperson, chief executive of G2 Joshua, also weighed in, commenting: “Plan Uk’s interactive advert represents the continuation of the digital revolution in advertising, where brands forge closer connections with consumers. This campaign is a prime example of how highly targeted advertising cannot only inspire but also intelligently project a particular statement, in this case declining a man’s “basic choices”. Targeted messaging such as this is becoming increasingly vital in the cluttered marketplace and is part of the future of more useful advertising that seamlessly connects with consumers.”

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