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iPad owners warned of repetitive strain injury risk


By John Glenday, Reporter

February 14, 2012 | 2 min read

Apple addicts are being warned that their technology penchant could be endangering their health after doctors reported that tablet users at increased risk of developing repetitive strain injury.

The condition, which is typified by chronic muscular pain, is reportedly increasing amongst those who spend hours per day on such devices and has already been dubbed “iPad hand”.

Ergonomics experts believe that the touch screen display is a contributory factor to pain in the hands used to control the device and in fingers used to swipe.

Arm and neck pain has also been reported by some users who crouch with the device resting on their laps.

Dr John Pappas, medical director of the Beaumont Centre for Pain Medicine in Michigan, US, said: "Prolonged use of tablet computers can cause different forms of repetitive strain injuries to the fingers and hands.

"Good posture and frequent, short breaks can help minimize these symptoms.

"If you are using your iPad or other tablet like a little computer, you can avoid problems by following the same protocols suggested for a laptop computer - buy the right accessories to set the screen at a comfortable working height and use an external keyboard."


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