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Facebook sets a useless world record: A million comments on guess what?


By Noel Young, Correspondent

February 1, 2012 | 2 min read

Facebook has set a Guinness World Record this week for the number of comments on a single item .

Facebook record a waste of time?

Fans of the Zynga game FrontierVille posted over 1,001,600 comments on the item which was in fact meaningless - nothing more than an attempt to set a Guinness World record . The name of the group — Ffgpioneers/gwr/attempt — makes the charade clear, says the website Mashable.

Comments on Tracey Hodgson’s Oct. 30, 2011 post more than doubled the previous record set by Italy’s Roberto Esposito, according to Guinness World Records.

The record setting post read, “hi all!!! , hope everyone is ok today , this is ‘the one’, please talk about anything you like here, whatever you want to talk about, change topic whenever you like also, just have fun , . so how are you all today?( please someone speak quick or i’ll have no nails left!!!) ;-) x x x.”

Hodgson says she took up FrontierVille after her daughter started playing on her Facebook account. She wanted to set the record to show the strength of the FrontierVille community, with which she had become deeply involved.

“My friend Nattie Murphy saw the previous record and suggested I try to break it — it sounded like a great idea for our group to show what we are capable of when we work together”

Mashable ask: What do you think? is this a proud display of the FrontierVille community’s unity or a big waste of time?

The Drum says: We think option No 2 is the right answer.


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