By Ishbel Macleod, PR and social media consultant

January 30, 2012 | 1 min read

PomeGreat, producer of pomegranate juice and juice blends, is set to unveil its first ever TV ad campaign as part of a £2 million relaunch of the brand.

The ad by Watermill, which will air in peak time 10 second and 20 second slots on ITV1 throughout February, features a bald man showering upside down in pomegranate juice, singing the opening lines to ‘Oh what a beautiful morning’.

The camera pulls back to reveal that the man is in fact the voice box in a woman’s throat as she drinks a glass of PomeGreat.

Adam Pritchard, CEO of PomeGreat, said: “We have always been an ambitious and innovative brand and we are striving to build our leadership position in the market by offering a superior taste and myriad health benefits. Our new campaign which is targeted at our core adult audience will strengthen awareness of the refreshing and beneficial properties for the juice.”

Also including print media, social media, PR and in-store promotional support, the campaign launches on 1 February.

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