Coca-Cola Super Bowl

Coca Cola polar bears to watch Superbowl live on 5 February


By Ishbel Macleod, PR and social media consultant

January 26, 2012 | 3 min read

Coca Cola will celebrate the Superbowl by showing two polar bears watching the game live, each supporting a separate team, as part of a campaign created by Wieden & Kennedy.

Airing in real-time throughout the game, the polar bears will react to what happens throughout the game, and will be using Facebook and Twitter (#GameDayPolarBears) to interact with consumers and share their views.

One example given was that if a consumer tweets asking why penguins are in the Artic, the polar bears will reply ‘Well, they don’t have cable in the Antarctic so they came over here.’

Speaking about the campaign, Katie Bayne, president and general manager of sparkling beverages, Coca-Cola North America, said: “Our bears will come to life on television, digital and mobile screens, as they invite people everywhere to join them watching the big game live from the arctic,” adding “The superbowl is a great place to do brand new innovative things”.

The live stream will be shown on Facebook, but will also be available as a banner ad on a variety of sports sites such as ESPN during the game, so viewers do not need to click away from what is going on in the game. It was created with the idea in mind that 60% of those watching the Superbowl will be sitting in front of a second screen.

There will also be three ads as part of the campaign – 30 second ‘superstition’ will air during the first quarter, showing the behaviour of people before the game, such as crossing their fingers; 60 second ‘catch’ will appear in the second quarter, with two versions made and the one most appropriate to the action at the moment running. After the game, a third ad ‘arghh’ will air on ESPN. Again for this two 30 second ads have been made, and the one most appropriate for who wins the game and who needs a Coke the most will be shown.

In the lead up to the game, starting from today, print, poster and online ads will invite consumers to RSVP to the Facebook page for teaser trailers.

After the game, consumers will be able to send a real ‘aww giver’ or ‘argh reliever’ bottle of Coke to friends, depending no if their team lost or won.

Working with Wieden & Kennedy on the project was digital agency 360i, media partners SMG, visual effects house Framestore and production house for Superbowl ads Animal Logic.

Coca-Cola Super Bowl

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