Billy Elliot The Musical trials new form of taxi advertising


By The Drum Team, Editorial

January 26, 2012 | 1 min read

Billy Elliot The Musical has become the first brand to trial a new form of taxi-top advertising in London.

The iTaxitop is similar to the advertising space available on the top of New York cabs.

Created by Eyetease Media, the iTaxitop uses 3G connectivity to play relevant adverts depending on the location of the taxi or the time of day.

"Designed to function on all vehicle types, in all weather and ambient light conditions, the iTaxitop provides an eye-catching, reliable and effective advertising medium that will cut through the big city noise and deliver relevant digital advertising messages to the masses," said Richard Corbett, CEO of Eyetease Media.

Marketing agency aka worked with Eyetease Media to create this first ad.


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