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Analysis: Facebook Open Graph


By John Glenday, Reporter

January 19, 2012 | 2 min read

Hot on the heels of Facebook’s rumoured announcement around the launch of Open Graph, a new class of apps which allow user greater control over their timelines.

Here Mike Keating, Enterprise Solutions Director at Techlightenment, explains what this might mean for the online community: “Facebook is already re-writing the dictionary: “Like” is now synonymous with the social media platform, and with the launch of Open Graph Facebook is opening up a wealth of opportunities for users and brands to interact on the platform. Facebook’s custom actions will give brands the ability to create their own actions and associated objects, e.g. "Mike bought Product A on Brand's" or "Mike flew to LA on Brand". This new flexibility will allow the way people interact with content to be more descriptive whilst still allowing this information to be categorised and interpreted for consumption by others.

“This is a really important development for consumers – they are exposed to an increasing volume of digital messages and the signal to noise needs to be controlled. Facebook’s customisation gives its users the control they are looking for; they can now filter the content based on the actions that are associated with it.

“For marketers, the impact is even greater. Facebook is the biggest thing to happen to marketing for many years - never before have users given so much indication of the brands and the products with which they are engaged. Facebook has changed this forever, allowing marketers to construct content that is truly personalised to an individual. Implementing this correctly means customers are more likely to interact with engage with the brand and their friends' activity and consequently amplify the reach of this content by sharing it with their friends.

“Facebook “likes” revolutionised how people show they have interacted with web content. This new dictionary of custom actions gives the consumer a far more descriptive and personal way of sharing their experiences.”


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