By The Drum Team, Editorial

January 18, 2012 | 2 min read

A physical app is the first project completed by Uniform’s research platform ULAB, which aims to better connect the design studio with its Twitter followers.

The app, entitled Sweet Tweet, involves a cuckoo clock which releases a sweet each time someone new follows the Uniform Twitter feed. Each new follower is then sent a link to the Philosophy Film, to allow them to see what happens. (see video.)

Pete Thomas, Uniform’s future director, explained: “Physical Apps are objects that connect to the internet to perform dedicated tasks that enable users to access information or services intuitively without using a standard interface like a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen.”

Thomas added: “Sweet Tweet is very much a project for us and our twitter followers, but we think that as mobile touch screens become ubiquitous, we're increasingly going to see brands rely on physical apps to create more engaging real-world internet enabled experiences. Smart Phones are great, but using a touch screen is a fairly bland experience – why should I perceive getting a new follower, or a message from my kids, the same way as I would an email from the bank or a calendar alert. We’re excited by the opportunities that sit beyond the screen.”

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