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Neuromarketers employing brain scanners to track emotional reaction to ads


By John Glenday, Reporter

January 16, 2012 | 1 min read

A pioneering group of marketers are aiming to take their profession to the next level by ditching old hat surveys and focus groups by going straight to the heart of the matter, scanning peoples brains.

The hi tech technique sees volunteers given an electronic ‘hat’ consisting of electrode caps linked to an MRI scanner whilst they view a selection of advertisements.

Their emotional response to the sounds and images can then be read, live, as the information is processed by the brain, allowing researchers to assess how successful the ad is and what needs changing.

Such techniques are already being employed by the likes of Google, Facebook and ITV in order to create products and adverts which people are predisposed to like.

AK Pradeep, chief exec of NeroFocus, said: “We put a cap on your head that measures your brain impulses. We measure all parts of your brain continuously. Second by second, we measure how much attention you're paying. We get [to learn] what emotions you're experiencing and what memories you're memorising."


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