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Achtung! Murdoch Twitter roller coaster loses a bit of steam


By Noel Young, Correspondent

January 8, 2012 | 3 min read

With the excitement of media tycoon Rupert Murdoch's plunge into the Twitterverse just a week ago, things have slowed down a bit as he grows more cautious. No more dalliances with fake Larry Pages .

Rupert Murdoch: a slowdown in numbers

Two women writers not part of the Murdoch circle have gone - although he has added Esther Zuckerman, a young freelance journalist, @ezwrites. In truth @rupertmurdoch is a little dull. And as Rupert must know, boring stuff doesn't bring big circulation gains. The growth in his following has slowed: the total now stands at 119,139 after zooming to over 100,000 in the first few few days.

His comment on the New Hampshire primary: "It will be interesting. Will either Huntsman or Santorum get any traction? Say, over 15 percent of total?" Well, you can't say safer than that.

Then there's his plunge into German, "Achtung Angela! I'm now following you on@WSJDeutschland. Check it out at www./ Best German website." He's not really "following" Angela Merkel. Just plugging the Wall Street Journal.

Then we have a bit of domesticity: "Just visited ASPCA. Young daughters looking for another dog to adopt! Help!"

His comment on American's improving employment situation: "American economy looking better. At least short term. Meanwhile Europe looks slow motion train wreck. Hope I'm wrong."

Rupert has a go at the International Court of Justice. "Will never succeed," he says. But takes the edge of that with yet another Wall Street Journal plug, "See today's Journal book reviews."

Then there's that fallback topic for all big name commentators;the weather.

" NY weather beautiful and almost warn. Non sign of snow yet."

Finally: "Our readers in NY are fantastic. Over two million dollars in few days for orphans of shot hero cop. Thanks everyone!"

Rupert Murdoch is the biggest name in world media. His comments should have everyone rushing to read them. Maybe it is the limitations of the Twitter formula, but we're not there yet.


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