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November 14, 2011 | 2 min read

Facebook fans have called on Toys R Us to bring back its long running Christmas advert in place of its newly launch CGI campaign.

The toy retailer launched a new campaign last week, which sees it’s new, computer generated, brand mascot Geoffrey driving Santa’s sleigh, with a new song playing alongside.

The campaign replaces the Christmas advert that has run for many years, and is clearly missed by some of the company’s Facebook fans.

Said one user on the Toys R Us Facebook page; “What has happened to the Toys R Us advert?!?!?! The new one is absolutely awful and does not inspire me to shop there for/with my 3 children at all... would love to see the old advert again - it was part of Christmas!! Bad move Toys R Us”.

Another was just as condemning: “new advert sucks and even worse your little competition trying to make people like your terrible new advert by offering a £500 prize if you sing and dance to it haha you fools.... won't be shopping there again not the toys r us I remember.”

Others also called for the return of the traditional advert; bring back geffrey to our adverts we dont like the new one,” was another message, followed by “no-one likes the new advert! we want the old jingle!! its like coca cola getting rid of the holidays are coming advert. not happy,” and “Please bring back the great Geoffery advert. Such a catchy theme tune and memorable advertisement. Never gets old!”

At the time of writing, The Drum was awaiting a response from Toys R Us about the possibility of the old campaign returning.

See a version of the old Toys R US Christmas advertising campaign below.

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