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Calls to sack BBC Scotland comedian Limmy over Twitter message about Prince William and a Samurai Sword


By Stephen Lepitak, -

November 9, 2011 | 3 min read

Calls to sack controversial BBC Scotland comedian Brian Limond, better known as ‘Limmy’, have been made after he began a Twitter rant in which he called for Prince William to be killed with a Samurai Sword after the Prince wrote to FIFA in support of the England football team wearing Remembrance Day Poppies during their game on Saturday.

Calls to sack BBC Scotland comedian Limmy over Twitter message about Prince William and a Samurai Sword

In response to the controversy over the England football team being banned from wearing poppies by FIFA this weekend, Limmy, who often tweets highly controversial messages to evoke a response, sent out the following message on Wednesday evening; “Would Prince William write to FIFA on behalf of the Scotland team wearing poppies? No. Cos he thinks ENGLAND won the war.”

This message was quickly followed by; “I'd love to slide a samurai sword up Prince William's arse to the hilt, then yank it towards me like a door that won't f@*king open.”

This was eventually followed by another anti-Royal family message: “Absolutely f@*k England and its royal wee family living it up while pensioners freeze to death.”

Clearly the comedian received a few direct messages from outraged followers, which were unavailable to view, but led to the following response: “I don't gie a f@*k if Prince William's the president of the English football whatever it is, we're talkin poppies here.”

Limmy’s ire was then turned towards the UK Government: “England voted in the Tories KNOWING what would happen, just like Germany voted in the Nazis KNOWING what would happen. SAME PEOPLE.”

This led to him comparing England to Nazi Germany and then to tweet: “When England voted Tory they voted to plunge all people of Scotland, including the English here, into darkness, squalor and the common cold.”

Liberal Democrat student Andy Emmerson tweeted Limmy to point out that as an employee of the BBC it probably wasn’t wise to be making such statements, a point he himself retweeted before asking: “I see you're a Lib Dem. You got my vote then sold out to the Tories. Never again. Shameful.”

Tim Montgomerie, editor of the Conservative Christian Fellowship then waded into the debate, telling his followers to read Limmy’s tweets and asking them to “remember that your licence fee is funding his hate.”

Limmy, clearly pleased to have caught the attention of Montgomerie responded: “F@*kin yes, that c@nt's got about 17,000 followers!” After a few more exchanges, Limmy then changed his Avatar to Joseph Stalin before asking those tweeting him ‘What’s your problem with Communism?’

Brian Limond has written, directed and starred in his own BBC Scotland comedy series ‘Limmy’s Show.’

It is understood that BBC Scotland has already fielded calls of complaint about the Tweets, and calls have been made to sack him, although it is understood that Limmy is not current employed by the BBC.

A spokesperson for the BBC said: "Brian Limond is not a member of staff and clearly his views are not those of the BBC"

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