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What is the future for social media?


By The Drum Team, Editorial

October 31, 2011 | 3 min read

The judges of this year’s Social Buzz Awards give their thoughts on the future of social media.

Chris Jones, social media manager, BBC It’s about convergence. It’s about the fact that social media is not even a useful term anymore. Social media is here, it’s here to stay, it’s not going away. It is just media. And with that comes a huge new era of responsibility in terms of the way we communicate – a new era of transparency, a new era of openness and a new era of sharing of information.Rene Looper, MD, Tuminds I think it’s about engagement. How can businesses engage more successfully with the customers instead of having marketing talk on the channels? Mobile becomes more and more important, expectation becomes more and more important – if you mention a company on Twitter you expect a response, if you have a problem with a business that business will come back to you.Paul Fabretti, digital director, Brazen Social businesses, solely social generated businesses, I think we’ll see a lot more of them as people realise it is not just something that they can add on to a campaign.Jeff Coghlan, MD, Matmi At the moment social is about people on the computer chatting to each other, but not actually about people meeting and converging. And when they do converge with technology it is with things like IPTV, mobile, location-based services. People are actually starting to get out and meet again rather than locking themselves away. IPTV, that whole convergence where I can watch things via my phone, via the television, I can pull stuff, media stacking, I can comment, I can see what my friends are watching at the same time, is all done via this hub, this central thing, which is your television, which it always was but which is going to completely change and TV will be reinvented.Colin Gilchrist, digital marketing strategist, Digital Face Proving ROI. The fact that they can prove the genuine success of a campaign is great. I think there’s been too much of people saying “let’s get a Facebook page, let’s get a Twitter page”. There’s not been enough strategy and that creates a tangible result. I hope the social Buzz Awards will prove that people are actually getting this right, and not just the big guys, but little guys too.Phil Adams, planning director, Blonde I hope the word media will get detached from the word social and that social becomes a means of doing business rather than a media thing. When it does that, that is when it will go upstream and it will be more of a strategic boardroom issue, and it will become much more baked into businesses and be an in-house thing – a much more natural way of doing things. I really think that that word media is redundant and a hindrance to progress.

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