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The Drum

Tam Cowan to join Michelle McManus on the couch of The Hour

STV has announced that Tam Cowan will be the new presenter for The Hour as it begins its weekly run at 8pm.

The programme, which previously ran at 5pm each weekday, will now be aired on STV every Tuesday night, and will see Cowan team up with Michelle McManus, who continues to front the show.

Cowan is also a food critic for the Daily Record and hosts Off the Ball for BBC Radio Scotland.

I'm chuffed to be joining The Hour,” Tam said. “I love doing live shows and this will be a huge thrill.

”I'm also looking forward to teaming up with Michelle McManus at long last as she owes me 25 quid for all the text votes I sent when she won Pop Idol!”

Michelle added: “I can’t wait to get back in the studio this week. We have a fresh new set, a new primetime slot, great live music from some of the best bands around, and lots of fantastic celebrity guests lined up; a perfect mix for Tuesday night viewing this autumn!

“I look forward to saying ‘welcome back’ to all our regular viewers and I hope we’ll be joined by a whole new audience in our brand new evening slot.”

The first episode of the new series will include Julian Lennon, who will be discussing his new album, Everything Changes.

A live chat will also take place after the programme, through The Hour’s website.