Ofcom ruling over Brick FM's offensive broadcast causes hilarity within media community

Much hilarity is being caused by Ofcom’s ruling of Brick FM’s broadcast of the song ‘More Punany’ by Dr Evil, and a footnote within its ruling explaining the meaning of the term ‘punany’.

Brick FM, which broadcasts to St Boswells, Newton ST Boswells and the Scottish Borders, has been censured after guest host DJ Roundabout played the offending song, which contained the word ‘fuck’ and ‘punany’ on 23 February, as well as another song called ‘Pass Out’ by Tinie Tempah, which contained the word ‘fucking’ on five occasions.

Apparently some within the broadcast industry are especially amused by a footnote within the ruling which explains that “’Punany’ or ‘punani’ is an urban slang word meaning ‘vagina’”.

Also causing some hilarity is the radio station’s defence, having claimed that a ‘punany’ was a “sandwich sold locally and is made of Italian bread with cheese and tomato which is heated up”.

The station also added that the programme no longer ran the programme ‘Rory’s Reggae Roots’.

Despite an apology from Brick FM after Ofcom express concern at the broadcast of the music unedited, it was also highlighted that the station was unable to detect the broadcast of seven instances of profanity during a 12 minute, afternoon period. It also refused to accept that the language was ‘commonly spoken’ locally and would not offend its audience.

One member of the broadcast community described the ruling as 'comedy gold'

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