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How design strategy ensured success for sausage brand Powters

Suffolk-based Powters, makers of premium sausages, aspired to expand their relevance, listings and sales nationally. WAR undertook a brand review, examining the positioning of their lead ‘Newmarket sausage’ variety, and their aspirations for the future. The challenge identified by this review was to enable Powters to trade on their heritage, without positioning themselves as old fashioned or limiting their sales to the local region. This challenge was overcome through to the development of a defined brand essence ‘sausages like they used to be made’ and a radical new packaging design. The packaging evokes an old fashioned butcher’s chalk board and yet has a very modern approach. It is equally suitable for traditional and modern varieties and has great stand out on shelf. Results of the rebranding included increased listings across a range of retailers, an extended availability outside of the region and significant sales increases. In addition, Powters have had the warmest response to the new packs that they have ever received and the designs have supported them in repositioning their offer to buyers in major multiples.

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