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Advertisement for a new chairman of the PCC released

The Press Complaints Commission (PCC) has released an advertisement for a new chairman on its website, following Baroness Buscombe announcing that she would leave next year.

The advert states “The incoming Chairman will need to lead a period of regeneration and renewal for the Commission.

“The role:

A high profile role at a time of great scrutiny for the Commission, for the operation of the Code of Practice and for self regulation.Central to the success of the Chairman will be an ability to think strategically about how the Commission should develop to take account of public, Parliamentary and judicial concern about the efficacy of self regulation, and to carry the industry with him or her during a period of change.The Chairman is responsible for the working of the Commission, including the performance of its Director and full time staff.”

The advert also states that candidates should not have current or recent links with the newspaper or magazine publishing business; should be an ‘exceptionally effective public performer’, able to speak on behalf of the Commission across the media; and should be a highly respected figure who is demonstrably independent of the newspaper industry and can work effectively with politicians and lawyers.

The current chairman, Baroness Buscombe, announced she was stepping down following complaints made about how the PCC handled phone-hacking allegations.

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