Despite Ofcom report, TalkTalk Business aims to continue rollout of Scottish broadband

TalkTalk Business has announced that it will introduce its 108 new super-fast broadband exchanges across the UK, including to Scottish Businesses, following a report by Ofcom finds that take-up in Scotland had flatlined.

The Ofcom report also found that Glasgow is the city with the least amount of broadband take-up in the UK, despite several operators being available within the city.

TalkTalk Business is now aiming to roll out another 700 exchanges across Britain, including Scotland over the next two years.

Paul Lawton, managing director of TalkTalk Business, said: “The rapid increase in our number of super-fast exchanges across Scotland is a major shot in the arm for thousands of local companies which regard ‘business grade’ broadband connectivity as the lifeblood of their business.”

Recent research by TalkTalk Business found that 70% of SMEs across the UK are still relying on domestic rather than business grade broadband connections.

Lawton, added: “The government may have committed £830 million to give every community access to super-fast broadband speeds by 2015, however time is of the essence for local companies which rely on business grade broadband connectivity for performance, productivity and growth. A fast and efficient broadband service remains pivotal to helping companies stay competitive, expand and ensure the UK remains a key player in the global economy.

“We’re committed to accelerating our exchange roll-out across Scotland and the rest of the UK in a bid to spearhead ‘Broadband Britain’ for businesses of any size across any sector.”

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