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CNN should replace Piers with Rachel, says CBS pundit, as Brit pips her in ratings


By The Drum Team, Editorial

August 3, 2011 | 2 min read

New facts are hard to come by in the Hackgate scandal but Morgan is doing surprisingly well with the viewers.

Rachel, says writer Jim Edwards, "consistently beats Morgan’s evening show in the ratings, and that’s the perfect excuse to put Morgan on hiatus — perhaps for a long-form documentary in a faraway land? — or replace him altogether before Her Majesty’s finest invite Morgan to tea and biscuits at Scotland Yard."

The only trouble is that Jim apparently wrote his piece before viewing Monday's ratings. According to TV Newser on Monday night Piers was ahead of Rachel in total audience by 859,000 to 832,000. Oops. "The Morgan snowball appears to be getting bigger as it rolls downhill," says Mr Edwards. But could it be rolling uphill? That won't please the army of online pundits who are busy recycling the same old on-the-record stories from the past to dish Morgan. Edwards, who confusingly admits that Piers's ratings are an improvement on Larry King’s, says the idea of axing Piers because of low ratings (Damn these Monday night figures) is "looking increasingly attractive." Attractive? The figures for July show Piers Morgan Tonight up by 9% in total viewers and 37% in the key 25-54 demographic. Sacking Piers on the ground of low ratings "before he soils the CNN brand with headlines about hacking" would of course, be a mere fig leaf — but that’s all CNN needs, says Jim. Hint: They might not recognise it as a fig leaf, it's been so shot through. "CNN could use (Rachel's) night-time numbers," he says. Are you sure of that, Jim? With bean-counting like that, you can understanding why Washington is in the mess that it's in.
Cb Cnn Piers Morgan

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