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US developing photo location finder

US intelligence services are developing analysis software that could help track down terrorists – by identifying their hideouts via recognition software.

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency believe the system could be used to help pinpoint wanted suspects by identifying geographic features present in the background of photographs and video recordings.

At present analysts must pour over a range of material from satellite imagery to geological and cultural data – plus a healthy dollop of guesswork, to locate their quarry.

The new system could achieve a similar feat at the click of a button.

In a statement IARPA said: “The Finder Program aims to develop technology that, with the aid of an analyst, geolocates an outdoor image or video taken from anywhere on the land surface of the world, via the use of publicly available information.”

Acknowledging that such a system is likely to prove “difficult” IARPA are scheduling the system for introduction around 2016.