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LG launch campaign for Optimus 3D smartphone begins

An experiential strategy for the launch of the Optimus 3D smartphone in the UK for LG has been undertaken by Hotcow.

The campaign was developed by the agency with the aim of highlighting the emotional reasons that would persuade consumers to purchase the phone, which included the insight that consumers wanted more ‘real’ within brand communications.

The strategy was developed around the phones' ability to offer ‘a more personal immersive experience’ which led to the development of the tagline ‘Playing by yourself just got better’.

In order to highlight the concept, the agency developed a series of ‘play-time experiences’ which would be aimed at consumers at work and during leisure time.

The launch of the phone takes place today (25 July) with the opening of the first smartphone experience centre, named a ‘Play Hub’, where people will be able to touch, see and experience the main entertainment features available through the phone.

These include three core zones; Gaming Zone, Movie Zone and Photo/Video Zone.

In addition, the ‘Quick Zone’ will offer guru demonstrations on how to get the best out of the phone.

Six ‘Play Pods’ were also set up at Canary Wharf, each resembling a phone, where members of the public were invited to participate in a complete personal experience, where they each left with a branded travel card and an online message driver to Facebook where they could follow the play team online.

The ‘Play Hub’ experience will be set up at five destinations throughout the UK, targeting primarily males, beginning in London. This will be supported through a multi-platform campaign with street teams offering customers the opportunity experience the smartphone around the country over a 50 day period. They will visit pubs and clubs and take pictures and video footage of customers, and play them back in both 3D and 2D.

Sally Durcan, managing director of Hotcow, explained: “The phone is now more playful than anything out there in the marketplace - it allows you to do all the normal stuff just better. You can watch movies and play games in 2D or 3D without the need of glasses. Plus, you can take photos or video footage of your favourite day outs or holidays and switch it between the formats. The phone is the ultimate personal experience enabling you to get completely absorbed in your own world, be that travelling to work lying in bed or on the couch. A live brand experience is the only way to build an emotional connection with the phone to ultimately drive excitement, interest and sales in the phone.”

Alex Windle, head of mobile communications marketing for LG, UK and Ireland, added: “Glasses-free 3D on your phone is truly amazing, but our customers need to see it to believe it. That’s why with we are rolling out this campaign with Hotcow that won’t just tell people about our product, it will enable as many people as possible to experience the magic for themselves – and then tell their friends about it.”

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