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79% of smartphone users find mobile advertising annoying

A YouGov survey has found that 79% of smartphone users find advertising on their mobile phones irritating, and 88% ignore adverts on applications.

Only 5% of those surveyed said that they thought that advertising on mobile phones was a good idea.

Responses from smartphone users to apps were also low: 6% click on an advert from a text, 6% from an email, 4% from the mobile internet, 3% from an app, and 2% from an instant message.

However just over a quarter of respondents said they would welcome more advertising if it offered money off deals or special offers and 21% said they don’t mind ads relevant to them.

Basic banners are the most recognised format of advert with 87% seeing them while browsing the mobile internet, and 80% while using apps. When browsing, 63% noticing recommended links to search , 51% noticing rollover banners and 47% seeing special offers.

Adele Gritten, head of media consulting at YouGov, said: “On the face of it, it looks very bleak indeed for mobile advertising with high consumer awareness, but equally high resentment, apathy and inaction. But the research shows that mobile ads really can provide brands with an effective vehicle to engage directly with audiences and drive actions.

“Marketers need to harness the higher level of personal engagement that mobile users have with their handsets to provide them with something truly unique, relevant and interesting. In particular money off deals and special offers will appeal to consumers. Ad treatments must be more relevant and personal, and advertisers have to stop hoping that spam volume alone will drive response rates.”

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