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BRMB let loose the shadow with 383 Project

383 Project managed to raise the profile of radio station BRMB to the tune of over 4420 new Facebook ‘likes’ with their Shadow campaign.

The campaign, which aimed to raise the number of fans and views on the Facebook page, centred around the idea that the fictional character ‘the Shadow’ had stolen £20,000 and is on the loose. Listeners who helped to track down the Shadow got a share of the money.

383 Project created a tab which revealed clues to the Shadow at various points. The clues were hidden behind a fan-gate, which required Facebook users to first ‘like’ the page. The Shadow posted status updates, photos, videos and check-ins whilst he was on the run.

Within the first week, new ‘likes’ to the page were up by more than 1,498% and post views up by 745% on the week before the campaign was launched. In week one there were 759,905 Facebook wall post views, and in week two that figure rose 111% to 1,252,291. The campaign is now over.

383 Project said: “The use of Facebook as a tool to acquire new fans and further engage the existing fans has proven immensely successful, as it provides a low barrier to entry to drive new user registrations to the site, helping to grow the user base. The viral aspect of Facebook, is also an excellent method to reach new users as each interaction with the wall, can be seen by friends, and thus drive potential new users.”

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