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By The Drum Team, Editorial

July 1, 2011 | 1 min read

Coca-Cola has been betrayed by Santa Claus in Pepsi’s new US advert, which features the character who has appeared in the Christmas Coca-Cola adverts for years choosing a Pepsi when on holiday.

Wearing a short sleeved shirt and partying on the beach, Santa goes up to the bar to get a drink. When the barman tries to hand him two bottles of Coca-Cola, he shakes his head and asks for Pepsi instead. The barman looks shocked and says he thought Santa had an advertising deal with ‘you-know-who’, to which the bearded man replies that he is on vacation and wants to have a little fun.

The slogan for the campaign is ‘Summer time is Pepsi time’.

Pepsi is known for trying to annoy its rivals, with one ‘taste test’ campaign leading to the disastrous ‘new Coke’.

The character of Santa Claus has been used in Christmas adverts for Coca-Cola since the 1930s.

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