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bigmouthmedia and LBi release white paper on digital channel integration

Digital marketing agency bigmouthmedia has released a white paper on digital channel integration with sister agency LBi.

The paper, entitled “Blending: digital channel integration – when 1 + 1 is more than 2”, looks at how brands are moving from using digital channels as standalone marketing tools to using an integrated crossover strategy, tying all the digital strands together.

The report states: “the key measure must be effectiveness, and the great majority of evidence points to the basic truth that digital channels operate far better when synchronised. It is in this position of power, with their digital marketing working as one, that clients can maximise returns, reduce costs, minimise wasted time, effort and investment and fit their marketing to their business goals.

“The online landscape of tomorrow will only vaguely resemble today’s digital space, as the web blurs into television and mobile, each of which will offer offshoots of the established online channels as well as new tools of their own.

“Brands simply can’t afford to operate channel-by-channel and also space-by-space.”

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