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An insight into the NO to AV campaign on eve of voting day


By The Drum Team | Editorial

May 4, 2011 | 3 min read

Edinburgh agency Family has been working on the NO to AV vote campaign since its appointment earlier this year. On the eve of the vote the team gives an insight into its work...

Family is known for its political advertising skills, however working on a referendum campaign was a new challenge. The NO to AV campaign team are based in London and over the last few months the Agency has worked closely with them to develop their campaigns. Unlike the usual political campaign, the NO campaign enjoys broad cross-party support, so in addition to the day to day team, Family has also worked with both Labour and the Conservatives.

The role of the campaign has been "to educate and explain to the voter why the current system (First past the post) is much better and why they should be voting NO to AV". Over the course of the last few months the NO campaign has delivered its key messages across a range of channels. Family has worked on outdoor campaigns including 96 sheets, 48 sheets, Advans and Adshels. The NO to AV campaign has taken the lead and run debates throughout the country and Family has supported these events in the local and regional press. Family has also delivered national press campaigns, virals and stunts.

Family has been part of a larger team of communication agencies who have all worked closely together to deliver the integrated campaign.

Ian Wright of Family commented: "It is a terrific honour for our agency to be appointed to such a high profile UK campaign and one which will help shape the future of politics in years to come."

When the campaign kicked off earlier this year the polls had the NO campaign trailing by anything up to 10 points - today as we head into the last day before voting, the NO campaign has reversed that trend and now lead by between 10 and 20 points (depending on which polls you read, of course).

Av General Election Family

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