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Five tips for getting into Radio by Capital FM's Jennie Cook

Jennie Cook, Capital FM Scotland’s breakfast show co-presenter offers five tips on how to break into the radio industry.

1. Be prepared to be cheeky, you don’t ask you don’t get!

Here’s an example: One day, Jennie’s first radio boss needed someone to wait for his Sky to be delivered to his home so he offered her £30 to house sit and wait for it. Instead she offered to do it if gave her a job. He loved the cheekiness and handed her first job in Radio as a result.

2. Play the waiting game.

Things take time and the best things come to those to wait. Sometimes getting where you want takes time, patience and confidence in your own ability to get there – even when you think it’s never going to happen!

3. It’s important to develop a thick skin

Take every criticism on-board and use it to better yourself, radio is about personality and you need to accept to be criticised and how to take it without taking it personally.

4. You must be memorable

If you make yourself memorable then someone needs something you will be first person they remember – make yourself somebody people want to remember.

5. Never stop learning

It’s an essential need to keep learning, every conversation; everything you hear, everything you see can become content, you need to be constantly switched listening to everything and thinking how you can turn it into content for radio!

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