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April 1, 2011 | 2 min read

An Expansys YouTube, which was made by Brazen to mark April Fools day, has attracted 55,000 views and has caused something of an internet stir. Because the sequence, which stars Jason Bradbury, rather convincingly asserts that the new iPad camera can see through clothes.

Brazen sent this report of their antics to The Drum: “Come on. Be honest. We got you, didn’t we? When EXPANSYS tech expert Jason Bradbury revealed that the iPad 2 could take photographs through clothes, you believed it didn’t you?

You weren’t alone.

Thousands fell for the convincing April Fools video stunt. Even hardened tech experts and journalists were fooled.

It was one of the most talked about tech videos of the day on the internet both yesterday and this morning. And had registered more than 10,000 views in its first few tentative hours online.

Said our founder Nina Webb: “We managed to get TV tech expert Jason Bradbury to strip off to his boxer shorts to pull this video April Fools stunt off. It’s never easy to convince a celebrity to do something like that. But the result is testament to the hard work of the team that works on the EXPANSYS account and the relationship they have built with Jason.The video had huge talkability built into its DNA and just enough tech fact to make it believable. It was a fantastic April Fools stunt and massively engaged the whole digital community.”

In the video Jason proclaimed that using a new iPad 2, just a little cling film and a pair of toy infrared goggles costing £40, he could take a photo through your clothes.

And then he went on to demonstrate exactly how to do it, claiming that it was all down to the iPad 2’s camera, which had a semi-closed aperture.

Missed it? Still want to see Jason in his Superman pants?

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