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US broadcasters 'angry' as BBC World Service applies to US Government for funding

American broadcasters have reacted angrily at the news that the BBC World Service has applied for funding to develop services that will aim to prevent future online censorship.

The Guardian reports that US international broadcasters including Voice of America have been infuriated at the application following recent public sector budget cuts and further economic tightening ahead. within the States.

It is understood that the BBC World Service has applied for funding of six-figures to develop anti-jamming software for countries such as Egypt, Iran and China, to ensure that their Governments do not prevent future communications within and outside their countries, as has been witnessed in recent months. An early warning of online-jamming would also be developed with the funding, it has been reported.

Each year, the Broadcasting Board of Governors distributes $760 million of public funding to five international broadcasters, and the Guardian has found ‘a source’ which claims that the money should not got to the BBC, when the Government also cuts it funding for National Public Radio and the BBG, which funds America’s five international broadcasting networks.